Place of Work
Departement of Biology
Faculty of Mathematics and Science
Makassar State University
Jl. Daeng Tata Raya, Parangtambung Campus
Biology Building 3nd, FMIPA UNM, Makassar, 90223 Indonesia
Phone: +6281286640022 or +6281543437476
Main Interest
·         Animal Physiology, Histology,  and Anatomy
·         Extract  Plant and antioxidant compound
·         Degenerative Disease (hypercholestrolemic)
Selected Publications
1.      Djawad, Yasser A; Anwar, Shahzad; Ali, Ihtisham; Mu'nisa, A; ul-Haq, Izhar. 2016. Discrimination and cell counting of profile of superoxide dismutase (SOD) under hypercholesterolemia using K-means clustering. International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security Vo. 14 N0.5 : 95-103.
2.      A. Mu’nisa, Wasmen M., Tutik  W., and  Nastiti  K.,  2015. The Effect of Clove Leaf Extract methanol on the Profiles of superoxide dismutase and malondialdehyde in the liver of rabbit Under hypercholesterolemia ondition, Translational Biomedicine ,Vol. 6 No.2 : 12
3.      A. Mu’nisa, Wasmen M., Tutik  W., and  Nastiti  K.,  Clove Leaf Extract Antioxidant Activity. Jurnal Veteriner Vol. 13 No. 3